Gluten Free at Legal Sea Foods

I travel a lot, and I know how frustrating it can be to find good gluten free options in airports. Having done some research prior to a recent trip to Philadelphia, I knew that there was a Legal Sea Foods in the Philadelphia airport. I had never eaten there before, but I knew from reading other blogs that Legal Sea Foods is leading the way when it comes to gluten free dining. In fact, they first started offering a gluten free menu back in 2005.



As soon as I sat down, the waitress immediately asked me if I had any food allergies. She was very helpful to point out the wide variety of gluten free options which are clearly labeled on the menu. Since Legal Sea Foods is known for their fresh seafood, I decided to stick with one of their many gluten free seafood options.

For an appetizer, I ordered the regular Crispy Montauk Calamari. This was my first time ever eating gluten free calamari, and it was indeed crispy and delicious!


For an entree, I chose the crabmeat on a gluten free bun with french fries and jasmine rice instead of cole slaw. The crabmeat was coming out on all sides of the gluten free bun, and every bite was fresh and delicious.


Both times my food was brought out, I was assured by a member of the kitchen staff that my order was indeed gluten free and all necessary precautions had been made in the kitchen. With the exception of eating at a 100% gluten free restaurant, I’ve never felt more confident that my food was not going to make me sick.

If you have a Legal Sea Foods near you, I recommend you immediately check them out! The food is very tasty and you can eat worry free.

Do you have a favorite seafood restaurant?



Gluten Free at The Melt Shop

The Melt Shop is known for offering delicious comfort food in locations all around New York City. It first caught my interest while eating next door at The Little Beet. I could tell from their advertising that they were known for sandwiches – in particular grilled cheese sandwiches – so I figured I wouldn’t be able to eat there. Thankfully, I was wrong.



The Melt Shop has a wide selection of sandwiches – all of which can be made with gluten free bread for an extra $1. I ordered the Maple Bacon Sandwich which had aged cheddar, brick spread, and maple glazed bacon on white gluten free bread. I am not at all exaggerating when I say it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had! I love cheese and it was literally pouring out of the sandwich, and they were very generous with the amount of bacon.

grilled cheese

I ordered the Strawberry Lemonade to drink which was very refreshing on a hot day.

strawberry lemonade

I did speak to the manager behind the counter to make sure that extra precautions were made to ensure that my gluten free sandwich would be kept away from the others. While I had no problems eating at the Melt Shop, I would advise speaking to a manager if you decide to eat there.

Speaking of grilled cheese sandwiches, what is your favorite sandwich topping?