Gluten Free at Tupelo Honey Cafe – Charlotte, NC

A few weekends ago I had the best brunch I’ve had in ages. For years I’d heard great things about Tupelo Honey Cafe, a restaurant that “offers fresh, creative Southern food that is good for the soul.” They’ve recently expanded all over the Southeast and now have locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. Each location has a specific brunch, lunch, and dinner menu where the gluten free options are clearly labeled. I visited the Charlotte location. The place was packed out and is obviously one of the most popular brunch places in the area.



Gluten Free at Tupelo Honey Cafe

Tupelo Honey Cafe is one of those places where every dish that went by looked incredible. I felt pretty confident that whatever I ordered would be delicious, and I was right. I had the Tupelo Genuine Country Breakfast with two eggs, Tennessee country ham, and home fries. I also ordered a side of the South Carolina stone-ground goat cheese grits. If you prefer bacon, sausage, soysage, or sliced tomatoes, they also come with this selection. The eggs were great, the home fries were a large portion of crispy potatoes, and the grits melted in my mouth – all delicious! The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the country ham which was a little salty for my taste. Next time I will stick with bacon.


My friend ordered the Super Southern Breakfast Bowl (also gluten free) which includes black-eyed peas and South Carolina stone-ground goat cheese grits layered on top of two eggs, bacon, cheddar, and salsa. It was also incredibly good. Both orders were a decent portion without being too much food and the prices are reasonable for brunch.


I highly recommend you check out Tupelo Honey Cafe if there is one in your area. Since I was there for brunch, I’d like to go back and check out their dinner next. Unfortunately it didn’t look like there are a lot of gluten free dinner options at this time, but I’m sure whatever they have would be worth the visit.

I’d love to hear your experience if you’ve eaten at Tupelo Honey Cafe in your area. Were you as impressed as I was?



5 thoughts on “Gluten Free at Tupelo Honey Cafe – Charlotte, NC

  1. Lovely! I am actually a Carolina girl, myself. From Shelby (near Charlotte). I think within the next few years, we will move back to NC to be closer to family (at least for a bit). One thing that’s scared me is getting healthy food (and now I am eating gluten free). Are you from Charlotte?

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    • I know exactly where Shelby is! Yes, I’m in the Charlotte area. I’ve seen a tremendous change in the area in terms of people eating healthier and seeing more gluten free options at restaurants. There are also a lot more organic/healthy grocery stores and farmers markets are popping up everywhere. Please feel free to reach out to me when/if you end up moving back this way!

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