Gluten Free at The Melt Shop

The Melt Shop is known for offering delicious comfort food in locations all around New York City. It first caught my interest while eating next door at The Little Beet. I could tell from their advertising that they were known for sandwiches – in particular grilled cheese sandwiches – so I figured I wouldn’t be able to eat there. Thankfully, I was wrong.



The Melt Shop has a wide selection of sandwiches – all of which can be made with gluten free bread for an extra $1. I ordered the Maple Bacon Sandwich which had aged cheddar, brick spread, and maple glazed bacon on white gluten free bread. I am not at all exaggerating when I say it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had! I love cheese and it was literally pouring out of the sandwich, and they were very generous with the amount of bacon.

grilled cheese

I ordered the Strawberry Lemonade to drink which was very refreshing on a hot day.

strawberry lemonade

I did speak to the manager behind the counter to make sure that extra precautions were made to ensure that my gluten free sandwich would be kept away from the others. While I had no problems eating at the Melt Shop, I would advise speaking to a manager if you decide to eat there.

Speaking of grilled cheese sandwiches, what is your favorite sandwich topping?