Recap of Gluten Free Eating in New York

Gluten free friends, thanks for hanging in there with me the last few weeks. I know I’ve done a lot of posts on my trip to New York, but there were so many delicious options that I wanted to be sure and share as much as possible with you! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my reviews and seeing some gluten free options that most of us can only dream of – like gluten free breadsticks and chocolate chip cupcakes!

In case you missed any of my posts, here’s a recap:

Gluten Free at Nizza

Gluten Free at Blockheads

Gluten Free at S’MAC

Gluten Free at 5 Napkin Burger

Gluten Free at Lili’s 57 / Gluten Free at Lilli & Loo

Gluten Free at Jennifer’s Way Bakery

Gluten Free at Tu-Lu’s Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten Free at Risotteria

I just learned that I’ll be returning to New York in December for a few days so I plan to add to this list. I hope this helps any of you that might be planning a trip to the big city. There are some fabulous gluten free options and there is no reason for you to be anxious about your trip. I’d say my top three favorite restaurants were Risotteria, Nizza, and Lili’s 57. If you visit any of these places, I’d love to hear your opinions. Or, if you have any suggestions for my readers or for my upcoming trip, please feel free to comment below.



5 thoughts on “Recap of Gluten Free Eating in New York

  1. Risotteria is my favorite as well! Been going there 2-3 times a year since 2007 and the breadsticks have consistently been my favorite part (they taste like gold fish!)

    Thanks for your list of recommendations and sharing your experiences! There’s definitely a few on your list I can’t wait to try. If you’re ever in the Northeast again, I recommend stopping by Philadelphia for Sweet Freedom Bakery and Distrito. Also in New York, Del Posto (best gluten free I’ve ever had, and that’s a bold statement!) and Manzo are both very accommodating for Gluten Free. I also recommend checking out Loop Sushi (they don’t say it outright, but they accommodate gluten free).

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  2. Ah, I was just in NYC 2 weeks ago 🙂 …a night which also happened to be my very first time giving restaurant-eating a try again since going gluten-free; and I must admit I was concerned… But there was one item designated “gluten free” (yes, only 1) – a GF vegetable lasagna – which I was happy to get, and enjoyed; plus glad to say I didn’t get accidentally glutened in the process—yay!
    Thank you for your list!


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