Gluten Free at Risotteria

Today marks the last review from my New York trip and probably my favorite stop – Risotteria. Not only is Risotteria located in my favorite New York neighborhood (the West Village), but the gluten free options are numerous!

Outside Risotteria

Outside Risotteria

I knew the restaurant was a winner when I sat down and they immediately brought out gluten free breadsticks. What a treat! I hadn’t enjoyed breadsticks in years and these were just the right amount of crunchy.

Gluten free breadsticks

Gluten free breadsticks

The menu is almost exclusively gluten free so you can’t go wrong. I was going to go with the risotto, and then I remembered my gluten free friend Steph’s review raving about the prosciutto & mozzarella pizza. I couldn’t resist and ordered that. Needless to say, it lives up the hype!

Gluten free proscocuitto and mozzarella pizza

Gluten free prosciutto and mozzarella pizza

As you can see from the photo, they are very generous with the prosciutto and the crust was perfect – thin and crunchy.

The restaurant is extremely small and you are practically sitting on top of your neighbors. Ordinarily this would bother me, but I enjoyed talking to all the other gluten free folks around me.

Inside Risotteria

Inside Risotteria

Different gluten free mixes are sold at the counter

Different gluten free mixes are sold at the counter

Without a doubt, I will never return to New York without stopping at Risotteria!



3 thoughts on “Gluten Free at Risotteria

  1. We loved this place also! Mike and I were there in the summer. Yes, the bread sticks were truly fabulous, as was the actual risotto. Love the pictures in your past….makes me (Kate) want to return there right now! I loved the wrapped baked goods that can return to the hotel room for a quick breakfast in the morning as well. I loved this restaurant so much that I used it as an excuse to introduce tween to Greenwich Village in late August. Here is our review:


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