Gluten Free at Lili’s 57 / Gluten Free at Lilli & Loo

Lili’s 57 is an Asian cuisine sushi bar located in Midtown West/Hell’s Kitchen – specifically 57th Street on 7th Avenue. The location is literally right beside a subway stop so it is very convenient. Their gluten free menu consists of appetizers, soups, salads, noodles, entrees, sushi, and fried rice options.

photo 1-47

I ordered the General Tso’s chicken for $15.50. The food came almost as quickly as I ordered it. There was a large portion of crispy chicken and vegetables and a smaller bowl of brown rice. It tasted very fresh and was superb.

Gluten Free General Tso's Chicken

Brown Rice

Brown Rice

We were there for dinner so I didn’t get to check out their gluten free lunch specials – all of which include an entrée with salad and rice for only $10.95.

Lili’s 57 also has a sister restaurant called Lilli and Loo. I also went there during my trip and ordered the gluten free sesame shrimp. Their gluten free menu is almost identical to Lili’s 57, but the restaurant is located on the Upper East Side – right near Bloomingdale’s. The food was also very good. I had a large portion of crispy shrimp, vegetables, and brown rice.

Gluten Free Sesame Shrimp

Gluten Free Sesame Shrimp

In my experience, there are not a lot of Asian restaurants with gluten free options, and Lili’s 57 along with its sister restaurant Lilli and Loo are located in central locations and offer great food at reasonable (for New York City) prices.



4 thoughts on “Gluten Free at Lili’s 57 / Gluten Free at Lilli & Loo

  1. We LOVE Lili’s 57! It is indeed a great find in Manhattan. Your pics are great and the review is also.

    Kate has eaten here twice without any issues. They really understand the gluten-free needs, which is impressive since so much of Asian cuisine involves gluten-laden soy sauce. We wrote about it on our blog as one of the (“Six Fabulous Dining Finds in NYC”) but we didn’t take any pictures. Here is our post:


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