Gluten Free in New York City

Last week I returned from my trip to New York City! I had the best time enjoying the wonderful gluten free options and wandering around what I believe to be the best city in the world! Since I spent the first 4 years after college living in NYC, I had a long list of old friends and hot spots to visit. Unfortunately, some of my previously favorite restaurants did not accommodate a gluten free diet, but thankfully, there were many other options to choose from!

With a little planning ahead and researching online, some lovely recommendations from my readers, and my trusted Find Me Gluten Free app, I was able to have a very successful gluten free trip. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of my thoughts on the restaurants where I ate. Overwhelmingly, the food was tasty, the staff at the restaurants were knowledgeable about cross contamination, and as a result, I went the entire week without getting ‘glutened.’ My only worry the entire week was trying to walk enough to burn off some of the thousands of calories I consumed on a daily basis. I hope the experiences I share will serve to assure you that you can travel to New York City and not be in a constant state of worry over where you will eat! In fact, if you are gluten free and you’ve never been to New York, I’d add it to the top of your travel list!



10 thoughts on “Gluten Free in New York City

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