Comic Relief

I don’t know about you, but I’m so thankful it is almost Friday! I’ve got a lot to do in preparation for next week’s trip to New York, and I haven’t been feeling very well. So, I thought I’d share a little gluten free humor with you:


In other gluten free news, actress Jennifer Lawrence was quoted referring to the gluten free diet as “the new cool eating disorder.” There are no words for how angry ignorant remarks like these make me. What are your thoughts?



13 thoughts on “Comic Relief

      • Yeah, I learned by watching my hypochondriac mother try to control everyone around her that you don’t need the world to conform to your current dietary or health needs.

        Limitations aren’t status, they’re just conditions, and they aren’t universal. She used hers for special attention, like so many do, consciously or subconsciously. I wish she knew her own power as a human being instead, so countless hapless waitstaff would be spared her lectures.


  1. I heard her comment the other night and it really offended me. I have to eat this way otherwise I get really sick. I’m glad there is a gluten-free community out there that includes other bloggers who understand and share their recommendations and recipes for all of us who have to eat gluten-free. Thanks for the comic relief!

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  2. We like the cartoon, but are sorry you are under the weather. The perils of having a popular disease….it’s a topic worth of a separate blog post. From well-meaning but clueless restaurants, to chefs who think GFree! = vegetarian, to friends who offer to cook. The landscape is full of land mines. Have fun on your trip!

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  3. I mean — in the past month, the girl has been publicly shamed and violated. So my heart is heavy for her…

    …that being said, I’d like to see how she feels if she develops infected cysts or intestinal cramping. Let’s see how she feels about our eating disorders… ignorant comment.

    …Even though we tend to overlook the fact that we award her for playing roles she’s is far too young to be playing and significantly miscast doing, it catches up to her when she says things like this and reminds you that she is just a child….


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