(Not) Gluten Free at the Fair

I thought I would switch things up with today’s post and talk about food that is NOT gluten free. This past weekend I visited the fair for the first time in years. Knowing ahead of time that there would be nothing I could eat, I had a big lunch. From pizza to funnel cakes to turkey legs to corn dogs, I was surrounded by mouthwatering smells the moment we arrived. Sidenote: sometimes I think food smells even better when you know you can’t eat it. Thankfully I’ve learned to go with the flow and not feel sorry for myself when I go somewhere where there are no safe options. Enjoy the pictures and let me know in the comments which gluten-filled food you miss the most!











17 thoughts on “(Not) Gluten Free at the Fair

  1. I miss hot dogs and corn dogs. I ate steak on a stick at the fair once since I was diagnosed celiac. I was suspicious of the spices on it, but it was the -ONLY- thing I could find that I might be able to eat and I was really hungry. Glad you were able to resist!

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