Gluten Free at Fuel Pizza

After my overwhelmingly positive experience at Mellow Mushroom, I was craving more gluten free pizza. Some local gluten free friends suggested I check out Fuel Pizza. Fuel Pizza started in 1998 after some former New Yorkers felt there was no good pizza in the Charlotte area. Thus, they bought a 1930’s gas station on Central Avenue and Fuel Pizza was born. Currently Fuel Pizza has locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington, DC.

photo 1-25

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Gluten Free at Fuel Pizza

Fuel Pizza has a nice selection of create your own and specialty pizzas as well as gluten free beer options. The gluten free crusts come in 12″ medium size and are $3 extra. I choose the Hawaiian pizza which had chunks of pineapple and a nice helping of ham and mozzarella cheese.

photo 3-16

Overall, the pizza was very good. If I had not just had the excellent pizza at Mellow Mushroom, I would’ve said the pizza was great. However, I did not think the Fuel pizza lived up to the pizza I had at Mellow Mushroom. If you live in the Carolinas or DC area and you’ve had the gluten free pizza at Fuel, let me know your thoughts. Which do you prefer – Fuel or Mellow Mushroom?



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