Eating Gluten Free in Asheville, NC

As far as eating gluten free in the Carolinas goes, it doesn’t get any better than Asheville. I’m pleased to announce my second gluten free city guide for Asheville is now up and running and can be found here on the blog. Asheville is not only home to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, but it is also home to North Carolina’s only 100% gluten free restaurant called Posana Cafe.


Unlike my first gluten free city guide for Myrtle Beach, this time I did not include any chains such as Chick-Fil-A or Mellow Mushroom. There are literally so many delicious and healthy local options in Asheville that there is no reason to be eating at a chain. As always, if you see a restaurant I’ve left off, please feel free to let me know so I can update the page. Also, if you happen to have had a bad experience at one of the places I’ve recommended, also let me know and I can remove it from the guide.


Happy gluten free eating and traveling to you!



One thought on “Eating Gluten Free in Asheville, NC

  1. Wonderful list! Wish this had been available earlier in the summer when we were there.

    Question for you: are you SURE about the Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Asheville?

    The last time we were there they were very clear with us that it was only “gluten friendly” and by that they specifically meant that they could serve items that were technically gluten-free but that they could not protect against cross-contamination. Their kitchen was small and, they explained, they make their own biscuits so flour flies through the air. Have they changed their kitchen practices? Have you personally been there lately? Their marketing is very good, but we found the reality on the ground far less impressive. Things may have changed since were were there last summer, however.


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