Gluten Free Party!

This month marks my four year anniversary of being gluten free. My life has changed dramatically since being diagnosed with celiac disease four years ago, and honestly, I think the diagnosis and aftermath have been all for the best. I haven’t felt this happy and healthy in a very long time!

In other happy news, to celebrate four years of being gluten free, I held a fall-themed Gluten Free party. I partnered with Foster Farms who recently started offering gluten free products such as corn dogs, chicken breast nuggets, and chicken breast strips. The company was gracious enough to provide their delicious honey crunchy flavored gluten free corn dogs for us to enjoy. This certified gluten free product contains no trans fat and has no added hormones or steroids. It’s the perfect snack for a child’s party or even an adult barbeque. After all, who doesn’t love a corn dog? The honey crunchy flavor is just sweet enough to make it taste different from other corn dogs, and unlike other corn dogs I’ve had, the bread didn’t crack open or start to fall off the stick.

Gluten free corn dogs

We also enjoyed Udi’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese as well as Ore Ida’s Tator Tots. Both products complimented the Foster Farms gluten free corn dogs very well.

Gluten Free Party

Gluten Free Party

For dessert, we made Gluten Free Funfetti Premium Sugar Cookie Mix with candy bits. I’ve already shared how much I loved Pillsbury’s Funfetti Gluten Free Cake, and I was similarly impressed with the Funfetti sugar cookies. Stay tuned for a full review on the cookies!

Gluten Free Party

Gluten Free Party

As you can see, even my dog Juliet joined in the fun!

I’m grateful that it has only gotten easier over the past four years to eat gluten free. With companies like Foster Farms offering certified gluten free options as well as society in general being more accepting of the gluten free diet, I’m very hopeful that things will continue to improve.

Do you celebrate your gluten free anniversary? What foods would you enjoy with Foster Farms gluten free corn dogs?